TreyMyndz A.K.A Akebulan was born Daniel Njie Makoge on july 19th, 1984 in Cameroon West Africa. He was only 4 1/2 when his family emigrated to Canada, and spent 8 years living in Ottawa’s impoverished west side (Bayshore PJs) before his family opted for better things in life, and moved to Toronto’s east side (Durham Region).

     It is here where his love for lyricism grew, and was moulded when he teamed up with his longstanding core, Myndsouljah Family (M.S.F). More interested in black history, political rights, and Afrikan casualties, Akebulan never intended to be an MC. His passion for rap was deep, but it became a lifestyle when Myndsoulja’s Asim and JR (already seasoned MC’s) taught him to freestyle at age 17.

     Within a year he recorded his first verse on Asim’s as yet un-released “Creator..from Project Hype to Asim”. His passion turned to love for Hip-Hop, and by 21 he was a true mc. Freestylling was never an issue, but Ak elected not to release any material because his delivery and songwriting both needed work. After years of honing his mic skills, dealing with life issues, and debating whether or not to deal with the “Industry Giant”, Ak was ready to release music starting with his first mixtape release “Tha North American Afrikan” which dropped in the fall of 2010. Following that was his much anticipated debut Ep " Da Supa Ep: The Evolution of a Myndsoulja" which is online via itunes, CD baby, Amazon etc.  

Next up to follow was  “Tha North American Afrikan Vol.2” hosted by World Famous “DJ LAW” released in the fall 2012 which is available on datpiff & strictlystreetmusic Download Mixtape . 2013 - 14 were spent mainly performing at various shows & promoting released material, while dealing with the ups & downs of being an independent artist. In 2015 Ak has returned with new music including T.N.A.A vol 3 : The freestyle chronicles which he plans to release in Dec & the hit street  single "Young Black & Arrogant" from his forthcoming debut album.2016 Saw Ak drop another single called "summertime feat local R&B sensation Foxx williams. Ak spent all of 2017 recording & finishing his album (yet untitled) which he plans to release mid 2018. Stay tuned


Myndsoulja AK and his affiliates represent the true essence and integrity of Old School Hip-Hip with a New School flavor. Their lyrical talents and story telling capabilities blended with their own unique production, sets them in a league of their own in today's Urban Music Industry. In short feel good music with a conscious appeal.