About Us


 Grew with mother in Teesdale Place, Scarborough, Ontario, from four or five to thirteen. We moved to Pickering, Ontario because she didn't want me to continue growing up in Teesdale.

 In Pickering I met my brother Rakim, also known as JamRock. We would rhyme while walking and building with instrumentals blaring. Naturally we tested and impressed each other with rhymes we worked on.

 By high school, we were completing tracks together with themes and corresponding verses. We began to work with a producer that had development plans. He said our rhymes were either too hard or too intelligent and needed to change in order to be successful.

 For his company album release pool party, he requested we perform a very jiggy, mic check one two one two type track. That pool party did not occur, yet the months of experience influenced our interest regarding entering the industry of hip hop music. I perceived that most successful in the industry have changed themselves for the fame fortune.

  When I graduated high school, I invested months in reading books. That spiralled into months of learning slash remembering they self. I interacted with various spiritual discipline circles, and attended multiple spoken word events. From two thousand three to two thousand four I wrote the album Creator: From Project Hype to ASIM. The one major music producer that was apart of that album was Bluenotes, respect to him however he's living.

 I entered the financial career field, had some influential female mate experiences, and in the year of two thousand seven to two thousand eight, I documented life in the mixtape Day on Baal

 In two thousand nine, to two thousand eleven I documented life again with a mixtape called From da Cell to da Plateau.

 The more I live the more I realize that there are others that will benefit from healthy reminders and relative perspective. It's wise for me to earn income for rap, because I experience pleasure when physically rhyming. Many successful I've listen to, emphasis the value of intertwining our work with our play do our fun is productive. I look forward to completing multiple family albums and listening to them years from now. Catching jewels from my brothers like we did from our rap seniors when young.